1. dawngolden:

    Check out the deep as fuck Daktyl remix of All I Want. 

    This is sick. 


  2. romancing-the-stars:

    Put 4 photos (1 of each band) for a bit of teasing while I get the rest finished up.  Didn’t want to upload to tumblr right now because I didn’t feel like dumbing down the quality.  Enjoy!

    *Side note

    Some of you might be appearing in these pictures.   If you want to use said pic just tell me and I will get you an un-water marked one.  

    http://500px.com/ggrovephotography/sets/mountains_for_clouds_record_release_show  Updated link is now up.

    (via cylsrecords)

  3. iamdonald:

    "because the internet"

    available winter break.

    New new new  This is gonna rule.


  4. grizzlymays:

    I wish I had friends in Chicago that lived by me

    Be like not downtown

    (Source: you-can-be-your-own-dad)


  5. Updated 500px

    500px.com/ggrovephotography  tons of show shots and some random city shots!


  6. Fear not

    this blog has not been abandoned.  Just been a while since I have really gone out and shot.  I will be updating in the next week! 

  7. Will be up in HD soon(youtube is processing)! The End of the Ocean live. Bass can be heavy in some parts but that is due to the built in mic and other factors. NO biggie tho. Can still hear good detail.

  8. Gifts From Enola live at Reggie’s Music Join.  Shot and recorded through a Canon EOS 60D


  9. Sioum and The End of the Ocean are up so far!  Still doing Gifts from Enola.  Check it out and like the page if you like the pictures!

  10. You can see this and a bunch of other photos here 


    (Side note.  This is from a show with Sioum and Gifts from Enola  at Reggie’s in Chicago, IL. Their photos will be up in the next 2 days.)